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Tricia Manning

Tricia Manning

Author | Speaker | Executive Coach

Are you following your passion? Do you want to find more inspiration and meaning in your professional life?

At 44 years old, Tricia experienced a significant health scare that became a defining moment in her career. This moment caused her to explore more deeply her own potential and soon leave her long and successful corporate career to start the journey to live her best life…

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Author and professional coach, Tricia Manning shares her personal experiences that will create awareness in your life as you take action toward becoming your best leadership self.

Lead with heart and leave a legacy book by Tricia Manning
“This is a book that every leader should read and keep close to their heart, whether they are just starting out or committed to constantly getting better”
– Roy Simrell, CEO, Prometric

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What clients are saying

Tricia’s emotional intelligence and her strategic business vision are extraordinary, and her ability to use the combination of the two in order to get to the heart of what’s needed to building teams is incredibly valuable.

Tech DataSVP

Tricia’s leadership is both empowering and inspirational.


Tricia maintains her authentic voice while she shares her passion to bring valued insight to help those in search of career guidance during times of transition and transformation.

MicrosoftIndustry Executive

Tricia has tremendous experience leading change in a humane way. She’s a gem and I strongly endorse her.


With Tricia’s guidance, I quickly move from a lack of clarity on how I want to handle a situation to I’VE GOT THIS!


It would not be an understatement to say that Tricia changed both my professional and personal life.


Tricia has a talent for taking her toolbox and customizing it in a way to help me leverage my authentic strengths and look at what’s possible in a unique way.  Her approach to imagining “what if” was very insightful and freeing.


Working with Tricia was one of my best career-related investments. Working with Tricia made me a more reflective leader and a better business partner.

Local StartupFounder

Tricia is incredibly insightful. She has a real strength in meeting people where they are.

HiltonHR Manager