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Author and professional coach, Tricia Manning shares her personal experiences that will create awareness in your life as you take action toward becoming your best leadership self.

“This is a book that every leader should read and keep close to their heart, whether they are just starting out or committed to constantly getting better”
– Roy Simrell, CEO, Prometric

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Tricia Manning

Author | Speaker | Executive Coach

Are you following your passion? Do you want to find more inspiration and meaning in your professional life?

At 44 years old, Tricia experienced a significant health scare that became a defining moment in her career. This moment caused her to explore more deeply her own potential and soon leave her long and successful corporate career to start the journey to live her best life.

Her leadership lessons over 25 years as a global business executive transcended her work as a coach. Today, Tricia is committed to supporting smart business leaders who are managing it all – personally & professionally – and inspire them to elevate their career purpose and develop new possibilities in their lives and careers.

In all of her engagements, Tricia plays the role of coach, accountability partner, advisor, and consultant. Drawing on her experiences, skills, and heart, she helps her clients elevate their leadership and develop new possibilities in how they show up, how they engage and how they lead every day.

Tricia Manning

What clients are saying

In every interaction I have with Tricia, whether it be focusing on business or concentrating on help for our community, she acts with the highest levels of integrity, transparency, collaboration, and accountability.  Her emotional intelligence and her strategic business vision are extraordinary, and her ability to use the combination of the two in order to get to the heart of what’s needed to build and/or improve current processes or teams is incredibly valuable.

Linda R.Senior Vice President

My experience with Tricia and White Cap Coaching has been revolutionary for my leadership.  Tricia has a unique ability to synthesize and help reframe complex and intertwining issues that results in being able to build an actionable plan.  With Tricia’s guidance, I quickly move from a lack of clarity on how I want to handle a situation to an “I’ve got this” frame of mind.

Lariana F.Chief Executive Officer

As a fellow executive working with Tricia, I was struck by her ability to not only drive operational results, but to always help our team keep in mind the people impact. I was thrilled to hear she is coaching as I believe her practical experience as a business leader gives her a skill set and perspective most coaches and consultants do not have. Also, her EQ is very high and I learned from her as a peer just how important that is for success as a leader. It has stayed with me in my current role and is something I am paying forward in teaching my team.  She also has tremendous experience leading change in a humane way. She’s a gem and I strongly endorse her.

Tamara M.Chief Legal Officer

It would not be an understatement to say that Tricia changed both my professional and personal life. As a company President in my mid-50s, I never imagined that I could change my paradigm. Tricia helped reevaluate my vision of success and in doing so redefine my professional priorities and goals. We also worked though some of my personal challenges, greatly reducing my stress level and boosting my self-awareness and confidence.  As a result, I am now a much more effective executive, as well as a happier person.

David S.President

“The best gifts you can give are those that come most naturally to you”

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