Group Coaching

We are all on a different journey, personally and professionally. Challenges surrounding self-confidence, burn-out, communication, and relationship building can consume our minds…and impact our day-to-day lives. For many, group coaching circles are a powerful, effective, and affordable option to help you focus on your career development and address these very real concerns.

Our group coaching circles are designed to bring like-minded professionals together, to focus on common topics and facilitate effective coaching conversations in a small group context – enabling tangible growth. We have four unique coaching circles available to fit your profile.

Possibilities for greatness are in our own reach and we have a choice each day in how we approach our work.

Tricia Manning

  • Female Leaders – senior leaders who are ready to eliminate barriers and bias, gain confidence and develop an action plan to accelerate their success and live their best life
  • Front Line Leaders – new and emerging managers who want to build a network, discuss challenges/opportunities, share ideas and learn new tools for their leadership toolbox
  • Career Transition – job seekers looking to connect with other professionals, wanting to learn/leverage strategies to accelerate their search and land the perfect opportunity
  • Entrepreneurs – ambitious professionals who want to start a business (or perhaps already have) or are still working a day job while they develop their “side gig”

This intimate forum is focused on building personal awareness and driving action & accountability toward your individual goals. Are you ready to take the next step in your personal journey?

One-on-One Coaching

Are you being held back by a lack of self-confidence, self-belief…or self-worth? Almost 50% of women believe they would be further in their career if they had more self-belief. 24% lack confidence to highlight something they have done well…and 17% aren’t sure enough of themselves to seek a promotion.

As women, we are notoriously bad at allowing these inhibitions to hold us back within the workplace. These seemingly concrete barriers often require more intensive examination and outside guidance from an experienced coach. One-on-one coaching aims to address your unique challenges…exploring how they show up in your personal and professional life…and most importantly, how you can move past them.

Clearing and paving a new road to success is anything but easy. Like with any journey, you need to have a clear picture of your destination. What does it look like for you?

Tricia Manning

With One-on-one coaching, we work with you to develop action plans to gain control and eliminate barriers, while growing your self-confidence and self-belief. You will receive powerful strategies, personal feedback and enforced accountability plans to enable substantial professional growth…no matter where you are in your career journey:

60% of people want to make a change in their career. 94% of those let fear and uncertainty hold them back. Only 6% make a shift!

August 2019, University of Phoenix Study

  • Leaders at a Career Crossroads – leaders who are burned out, or perhaps longing for purpose in their career…but are held back by fear or complacency. We work with you on shifting mindset, answering the most important questions in creating your new vision…and developing a solid strategy for success. You will receive strong support to make your desired change…and ultimately find more meaning in your life and career.
  • Executive & Senior Leaders – established leaders looking for a strong thinking partner to enable themselves to become excellent strategists for their own success. We work with you to help solve complex problems and provide the support necessary to create your strategic vision and inspirational leadership. Together, we will set priorities, simplify, chart and monitor your goal pursuit – all while ensuring goals are aligned with your needs and those of the organization – enabling you to reach new levels of performance as a leader.
  • New or High Potential Leaders – leaders seeking personal and professional development to grow their own capabilities, elevate their leadership…and be ready to fill a strategic role in the future. We utilize several industry-leading tools to gather insights and feedback from key constituents, then create strategies, establish goals and create a methodical action plan to advance your critical leadership skills – enhancing your leadership contributions while supporting organizational success.

One-on-One coaching is intensive, personal, and ultimately one of the most rewarding things you can do for your career. Are you ready to stop living small…and start living large?

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