Executive leadership coaching for intentional, heart-led leaders
Are you interested in leadership development, and do you want to work with a leadership coach who understands the heart behind the work?
Do you want to connect with someone who can help you reach your biggest goals, refine your leadership skills, and ramp up your impact?
Good news – you’re in the right place.

Executive Leadership Coaching

Work 1:1 to focus on your executive leadership development.

One-on-one Executive Leadership Coaching is your "secret weapon" for influencing performance and building leadership capability for the future. Coaching gives senior leaders a strong thinking partner to elevate their contributions to their teams and organization. This approach leverages a series of coaching tools, resources, and strategies for self-discovery to facilitate growth and enable leaders to reach new levels of excellence.

Perfect For: C-suite Executive Leaders | High Potential Senior Leaders | Elevating Female Leaders

The Benefits of Working With an Intentional Leadership Coach

Focus on Goals
Identify your specific development goals, create an action plan to reach each of them, and address any potential challenges along the way
Expand Your Skills
Learn new skills and refine your leadership competencies for improved individual contributions and stronger team development
Overcome Obstacles
Uncover areas of growth through a custom assessment and get targeted help working through these obstacles so you’re at your best and ready now
Gain Clarity & Confidence
Collaborate and connect with a heart-led leadership coach to get clear on what you want and feel confident about your action plan to get there

What's Included?

1:1 Executive Leadership Coaching includes:

  • Custom self-assessment
  • 360 stakeholder / feedback
  • Bi-weekly 1:1 coaching sessions
  • “Just in time” coaching
  • Specific ideas & accountability to achieve goals
Tricia has a talent for taking her tool box and customizing it in a way to help me leverage my authentic strengths and look at what’s possible in a unique way. Her approach to imagining “what if” was very insightful and freeing. She challenges you to challenge yourself about your strengths, beliefs and aspirations in a fresh way.
Lisa C
SVP, Conversant

Executive Team Development

Accountability partner to your executive team

This multi-month executive and senior leadership team engagement supports the progress of your team through the Team Performance Curve. Together, we’ll engage in team development to move your team from "working group" to "high performing team" – one that is mutually accountable and deeply committed to one another's success and actively modeling the behaviors and capabilities of a high-performing team for the rest of the organization. A custom designed program help leaders face unprecedented change and inspire the hearts and minds of the teams they lead – reaching new levels of collaboration, cohesion and leadership impact.

Perfect For: High Performing Executive Teams | Newly Formed Senior Teams resulting from restructure or M&A

The Benefits of Executive Team Development

Optimize Performance
The Executive Team influences and impacts the entire organization – so when your #1 team is at their best, the rest of your business will follow
Vision of Team Succes
Draw out themes around behaviors that are helping & hindering the team and co-create commitments, operating cadence and behaviors that accelerate results
Increase Team Cohesion
This service is designed to teach your executive team members how to be more trustworthy, to trust their peers, and increase their overall level of accountability
Make Measurable Progress
Get access to both quantitative and qualitative data to see exactly how your team improves in team effectiveness and cohesion throughout the work

What's Included?

Leadership Team Development includes:

  • Discovery interviews resulting in Team SWOT
  • Self & Team Assessments
  • Custom leadership development approaches (examples: Five Behaviors of a Team, Clarity of Leadership Role Expectations, etc.) based on themes that emerge from discovery interviews and in the course of the engagement
  • Additional areas and needs for leadership development/training as identified for the leader and/or the team and incorporated as time permits
5 Ways to Leverage an Executive Coach

Leadership Group Coaching

Intimate, small group coaching for motivated leaders

Group coaching is a powerful choice designed to focus on your own leadership development while learning from others and building meaningful connections. These group coaching sessions are designed to bring people together on a common topic and facilitate effective coaching conversations in a small group context. This intimate forum is focused on building personal awareness and driving action and accountability toward individual goals.

Perfect For: High Potential Senior Leaders | Career-Focused Female Leaders | Emerging Business Leaders

The Benefits of Intimate, Small Group Coaching

Focus on Goals
Get accountability from your coach and the group for the motivation and support you need to reach even your biggest goals
Improve Your
Leadership Skills
Level up your skills and expand your resource toolkit with powerful tips and advice from your leadership coach and insight from the group
Build Your Network
Connect with like-minded leaders and engage with professionals who are dealing with similar challenges and opportunities
Increase Self-Awareness
The group setting is ideal for developing your soft skills, including your level of self-awareness, to enhance your leadership capabilities

What's Included?

Leadership Group Coaching includes:

  • A dynamic, interactive small group environment
  • Self-assessment
  • Initial 1:1 coaching session
  • Bi-weekly group coaching calls via video conference
  • Leadership training & resources on customized topics each week based on the current themes and feedback from the group
  • Email support throughout the program
Are you ready to invest in yourself?
Are you ready to invest in the high potential talent in your organization?
While participating in the Group Coaching Circle, I’ve found the sessions to quickly help me reach my potential while facing the fear of changing industries. Tricia’s lessons are empowering through motivational conversation, recommending incredible resources and helping to build the confidence necessary to have a winning attitude.
Tara S
Director of Process Improvement, Superior Group of Companies

Leadership Workshops

Custom workshops for intentional leadership development

These one to multi-day workshops are designed to support your leaders in navigating the complexities of today’s workplace. Offering concise, impactful development sessions, these workshops improve engagement, morale, and retention. They help your leaders step off the hamster wheel and reconnect with their roles, enabling them to positively impact people and drive results with greater ease. Custom workshops address relevant topics for today’s growth-minded leaders, such as change leadership, continuous learning, intentional leadership, and resilience.

Perfect For: High Performing Leadership Teams | Intact & Cross Functional Leadership Teams

The Benefits of Leadership Team Development

Increase Self-Awareness
Greater self-awareness and understanding of their leadership impact on the organization leading to a renewed sense of connection and purpose in their role
Improved Engagement
These workshops will enhance job satisfaction and improve retention rates of top leadership talent while supporting overall employee well-being
Leadership Impact
Relevant tools & strategies to help develop their ability to connect with and support their team members on a human level, increasing alignment, collaboration and communication among leaders and teams
Elevate Soft Skills
The new skills your team acquires are effective for the long-term when paired with increased self-awareness, reflection, and other leadership capabilities

What's Included?

Leadership Team Development includes:

  • Discovery to uncover relevant topics and pain points of your leadership team and organization
  • Custom one to multi-day workshops on relevant leadership topics (see speaker topics already created that can be customized)
  • Interactive exercises and practical tools for their leadership toolbox tailored to your leaders’ specific needs
The Intentional Leader: Mastering the Art of Human Connection in the Workplace
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