Leadership Coaching for Women – The Support You Need to Sharpen Your Skills

October 25, 2021
Coaching for Women

Leadership Coaching for Women – The Support You Need to Sharpen Your Skills

True or False: Leadership coaching is only for someone who is failing or falling short in their role at work.

FALSE. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Coaching is for women who are committed, passionate and looking to make a meaningful shift in their professional life.

The leadership coaching for women that I do is all about having accountability and support to take an important step or make a significant change. It’s about elevating your leadership, not “fixing a problem.”

But it can be hard to understand exactly how coaching can accomplish those goals when you’ve never experienced it. Today I’m inviting you to engage with a few case studies that highlight specific clients I’ve worked with, their goals, and the powerful shifts they were able to make because they worked with an experienced leadership coach.

Let’s dive in and see what’s possible!

Non-profit CEO Builds Successful Board

The Context
This client, an experienced business development professional, replaced a former CEO who had only been in role for 8 months. She had strong external relationship-building skills and understood the importance of assembling the right team to support the organization.

The Shift
Because she was new to the organization, I helped her take a step back and evaluate the big picture of what had happened before she came on board. We worked together to understand the internal dynamics that were draining the organization. Then, together, we were able to create organizational design solutions and strategies to specifically address those internal issues.

The Result
This client was acknowledged by the board for making tough internal decisions and building a highly effective team. Under her leadership, the organization achieved unprecedented financial results.

Healthcare Company President Inspires Workforce

The Context
I worked with a charismatic leader whose desire was to double their healthcare company’s revenue in 2 years but felt bogged down with employee relations issues and the internal details associated with a highly regulated industry. It was hard to make any progress.

The Shift
Our work together focused on taking steps to create a shared vision and then align the organization with that vision, creating a cohesive, company-wide culture. I helped this client identify activities and responsibilities they should delegate, freeing up their energy and attention for the vital tasks they needed to focus on.

The Result
This client was recognized as the most inspirational leader in company history. Because of the delegating we identified and prioritized, they gained appropriate bandwidth and focus to successfully position the company for a major sale.

Executive VP of Sales Embraces and Excels in Leadership Role

The Context
This talented and dynamic regional sales leader was promoted to a larger role, with full P&L responsibility and a position on the executive leadership team. They wanted to be intentional and make the most of this promotion.

The Shift
Through one-on-one work, I helped this VP cultivate the leadership presence they wanted to have. We also focused on messaging and decision-making, so they felt confident in both areas before starting the new role. We also found opportunities for collaboration with other functional areas, so this leader could demonstrate their commitment to the organization as a whole.

The Result
The leader assimilated successfully to the executive team, without excessive growing pains or redirection. They demonstrated an acute ability to wear the “company hat” so they were seen as a leader for the organization, not just their assigned function.

What Leadership Coaching Can Do For Women

Let’s look at one last client in even more detail to uncover the shifts she was able to make with the support and direction of coaching and see the benefit or value of those shifts.

This client wasn’t feeling heard and was tasked with driving significant transformation within her function. She needed support finding a leadership approach that was authentic to her (and also sustainable) while allowing her to use her voice.

Shift #1: She moved away from being defensive

  • Value: She is better positioned to explain her POV and able to ask questions to deepen her understanding.
    She is better positioned to influence others and "go to bat" for her team.
    Her voice is recognized by other teams.

Shift #2: She moved away from acting as the “police”

  • Value: Her focus and impact are now about adding value to internal and external clients.

Shift #3: She moved away from combative relationships

  • Value: She is able to learn from strong leaders and build stronger relationships herself.
    She is part of a supportive community that improves her day-to-day experience.
    The major result of these 3 shifts combined? She earned a promotion!

You don’t need to wait until you feel stuck to work with a leadership coach. Together, we can sharpen your skills, help you make significant shifts in your beliefs, attitudes, and actions, and help you reach your big goals.

If you’re interested in putting the power of coaching to work in your own life, click here to learn more about working with me and see what leadership coaching can do for your career.

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