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Tricia Manning is an accomplished leadership coach and speaker. She focuses on intentional, heart-led leadership and will inspire your team to improve their soft skills while elevating their performance.

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Tricia Manning delivered a speech on leading with your heart. It was absolutely amazing. She really made us stop in the moment and think about how we make people feel. Tricia Manning is that impactful to really have you remember to lead with your heart, create a legacy, and have your team feel as part of the team.
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Tricia is well-versed in the specific challenges that accompany female leadership, and she is passionate about elevating female leaders.

75% of female leaders are experiencing imposter syndrome! This session is inspirational and educational, and designed for female leaders seeking the build workplace confident and decrease thoughts of imposter syndrome in three simple strategies:
  • Redesign your mindset
  • Redefine your worth
  • Realign your actions
Strategies needed to unleash your confidence and accelerate your career.
This Workshop Features
Introduction to the Confident Flywheel – a self-assessment of defeating behaviors and habits
Customized workshop, from one hour to half-a-day
Specific actions and commitments to get the flywheel moving for you
This Workshop Helps You
Recognize when self-doubt is holding you back
Gain the courage to be heard & be confident in the workplace & in life
Take intentional action
Introduce small strategies that will build their workplace confidence & decrease thoughts of imposter syndrome

#beintentional & LEAD WITH HEART

As an intentional leadership coach, Tricia has researched heart-led leadership and helped a number of executives improve their results by tapping into the power of leading with intention.

This workshop helps leaders engage deeply with the inspiration and strategies needed to influence the priority their organization places on the leadership behaviors, competencies, and soft skills that are necessary to managing the ever-changing work environment and keep your workforce engaged and productive.

This Topic Features
Access to the Heart Leader Assessment® to determine your personal heart-leader score
Specific development to improve your heart-led leadership skills
Discussion about the courage you need to engage authentically, build trust, and leverage individual strengths
This Topic Helps You
Understand the value in caring for your team
Differentiate between behaviors of heart-led leaders vs those who just “get by”
Recognize the countless opportunities that exist to create new possibilities and potential within your organization

Redefine Leadership Success & Pave Your New Path

If you’re a leader in a new role or a company transforming for the future – Tricia is the heart-led leadership coach who will help you clarify your new vision and standard for success.

This custom session will take your leaders on a journey to:
  • See themselves as change agents and make commitments around their actions, mindset and relationships that redefine their identity, beliefs and ultimately the leadership they exemplify in their new world
  • Take career development into their hands and get re-inspired in their work regardless of where they are in their career
  • Sell hope and define a “new normal”, inspiring their organization to thrive through times of significant change

Being a Curious Leader in an Ever-Changing World

The speed of change is intense, and most companies are searching for a competitive advantage – but many are coming up short due to the focus on cutting-edge technology and the lack of leadership development. This executive coaching workshop encourages frustrated high performers to take a different approach to reaching their goals.

 This custom workshop will dive deeper into helping leaders:

  • Be your best self – a curious, innovative learner
  • Step outside the pressure to succeed and develop the mindset that will actually help you make an impact

Understand how to make a powerful investment in learning

This Topic Features
Small strategies that effectively change your mindset
Everything you need to re-crank the engine of learning
Focus on mindset that impacts every KPI and result in your organization
This Topic Helps You
Understand why lifelong learning is so important, specifically in a world committed to technology and the power of connection
Define success as a leader
Commit to a growth mindset, both personally and professionally

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