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Hi, I'm Tricia

As a child, I watched my mother step up and become the breadwinner and full-time caregiver for our family after my father was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This formative experience influenced my values, beliefs, and perspective of leadership.

I went on to build my own successful corporate career, becoming one of only two women on the executive leadership team. As I reached my goals and grew my skills, I realized something was missing. I could be successful at work or at home. I could feel fulfilled at home or in my work. But never at the same time. It was a constant trade-off between work and the rest of my life.

When I had an unexpected health crisis in 2016, I finally took the time to slow down and get serious about my life. And I realized that I could use my leadership experience and coaching skills to help other female leaders, while building a business that allowed me to be fulfilled and successful in my work and in my life.

It’s been quite a journey, but I am so proud of the hundreds of clients I’ve been able to help and the innumerable lives I’ve influenced for good. Showing up as a heart-led leader, and helping others become intentional, heart-led leaders, feels like stepping into my true purpose in life.

my core values

My coaching is grounded in:
Meaningful Work
Personal Growth
Tricia Manning is skilled at sharing how we can achieve our highest potential as leaders while keeping our values and goals in line. Her personal story is moving and will really resonate with everyone. She leaves you inspired to lead, impassioned about your mission, and informs you on how to get clear on purpose.
Kathy Dan Moore
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