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Meet Your Intentional Leadership Coach

Tricia Manning is an experienced leader and certified executive coach. She built a successful, thriving corporate career before taking a bold step in entrepreneurship after experiencing a life-changing health scare in 2016.

Now, she helps growth minded leaders identify their values and goals, develop their intentional leadership skills, and step into their true potential.

what clients just like you are saying

  • Tricia’s emotional intelligence and her strategic business vision are extraordinary, and her ability to use the combination of the two in order to get to the heart of what’s needed to building teams is incredibly valuable.
    Tech Data, SVP
    Tricia maintains her authentic voice while she shares her passion to bring valued insight to help those in search of career guidance during times of transition and transformation.
    Microsoft, Industry Executive
  • Tricia has tremendous experience leading change in a humane way. She’s a gem and I strongly endorse her.
    Wellcare, CLO
    It would not be an understatement to say that Tricia changed both my professional and personal life.
    SGC, President
  • Tricia has a talent for taking her toolbox and customizing it in a way to help me leverage my authentic strengths and look at what’s possible in a unique way. Her approach to imagining “what if” was very insightful and freeing.
    Epsilon, SVP
    Working with Tricia was one of my best career-related investments. Working with Tricia made me a more reflective leader and a better business partner.
    Local Startup, Founder
  • Tricia’s leadership is both empowering and inspirational.
    With Tricia’s guidance, I quickly move from a lack of clarity on how I want to handle a situation to I’VE GOT THIS!
  • Tricia is incredibly insightful. She has a real strength in meeting people where they are.
    I had the pleasure of working alongside Tricia for 18 of my 22 years at Catalina. Tricia’s brand of leadership was both empowering and inspirational. This proved to be a powerful combination that drove business results AND developed team members to be the best they could be. The beauty was in the AND!
    Debbie Booth
  • Tricia does an excellent job telling her story and the lessons she learned along her 25 year journey that helped mold her into being a caring leader (not a Boss).  Readers will be able to relate, and I think appreciate much more she learned to be a leader, why it should be important to them and the benefit real leaders provided their companies.  This is a book that every leader should read, and keep close to their heart, whether they are just starting out, or are committed to constantly getting better by speaking less and listening & learning more.  
    Roy Simrell
    “Every day there are countless opportunities to be intentional in HOW you lead and to create new possibility and potential for yourself and your teams.”

    A good leadership book causes one to pause and reflect. In Lead with Heart and Leave a Legacy, Tricia Manning shares powerful leadership lessons and explores the importance of leading intentionally with actionable insights such as listening more than talking and collaborating with your team. The anecdotes shared in the book are not hyperbolic feel good tales of leadership - they are insightful and full of aha moments that made me reflect and rethink my leadership approach.

    If you are an experienced leader who wants a fresh perspective on how to continue to operate at your best, help others be there very best and / or you are a place in your life where it’s time to re-evaluate your life and pivot - this book is for you.
    Renée Baker
  • Tricia Manning’s “Lead with Heart & Leave a Legacy” heralds the change that is fast approaching corporate cultures. We are long past the time when results are what define a successful leader. Results + Presence + ♡ are now required. Manning gives you a deeply personal view into her journey, leaving the reader with powerful insights and practical advice on how you, too, can find your way to leading with heart.
    Ingrid Lindberg
    Tricia and I were peers climbing the corporate ladder at the same time, and I was fortunate to work with her as a business partner for 22 years. I always admired Tricia's leadership style. While ascending to her role as an executive leader, she continued to care deeply for her teams, and was an active listener who led her teams to take a collaborative approach to problem solving. She was fair, confident and calm under pressure. With this book, Tricia maintains her authentic voice while she shares her experiences, perspective, and passion to bring valued insight to help those in search of career guidance during times of transition and transformation.
    Jennifer Burke
  • I had the pleasure of serving with Tricia on an executive leadership team during a challenging time at our company.  I watched her come onto a team faced with very tough choices and bring humanity, empathy and, importantly, the business case for never losing sight of the criticality of the human side of leadership.  I learned from watching Tricia influence decisions, deliver results and grow and keep high performing teams that my notion of what successful leadership meant was missing a focus on the “heart” needed to elevate a leader from effective to inspirational.  I now draw daily off of Tricia’s actions and counsel in leading my teams and I and my teams are all the better for it.  I am thrilled that she has chosen to write this book to share her special wisdom with other leaders so many can benefit from her leadership legacy.
    Tamara L. Meyer
    “Authentic, inspiring, empowering, brave”…this is Tricia Manning.  I know this firsthand from my more than 10 years as an executive member of her leadership team.  It is a rare and unique opportunity to be led by someone with Tricia’s heart and unparalleled belief that when you take care of the people, when you encourage and enable them to be the best version of themselves, they will, in turn, take care of the business, the clients, and each other.  It is from that belief that Tricia developed her leadership style and values.  Her unwavering commitment to be her true authentic self created a culture of transparency, trust, and confidence to lead with heart.  Not only did Tricia leave a legacy at Catalina, but that legacy continues to spread through the executive leadership coaching she is doing today.  To have the opportunity to be coached and mentored by Tricia is a gift that will have immeasurable impact on the people and businesses she serves.
    Rose Buggé
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