It would not be an understatement to say that Tricia changed both my professional and personal life. As a company President in my mid-50s, I never imagined that I could change my paradigm. Tricia helped reevaluate my vision of success and in doing so redefine my professional priorities and goals. We also worked though some of my personal challenges, greatly reducing my stress level and boosting my self-awareness and confidence. As a result, I am now a much more effective executive, as well as a happier person.

David Schechter, President, SGC

As a fellow executive working with Tricia, I was struck by her ability to not only drive operational results, but to always help our team keep in mind the people impact. I was thrilled to hear she is coaching as I believe her practical experience as a business leader gives her a skill set and perspective most coaches and consultants do not have. Also, her EQ is very high and I learned from her as a peer just how important that is for success as a leader. It has stayed with me in my current role and is something I am paying forward in teaching my team. She also has tremendous experience leading change in a humane way. She’s a gem and I strongly endorse her.

Tamara Meyer, Assistant General Counsel, WellCare Health Plans

While participating in the Group Coaching Circle, I’ve found the sessions to quickly help me reach my potential while facing the fear of changing industries. Tricia’s lessons are empowering through motivational conversation, recommending incredible resources and helping to build the confidence necessary to have a winning attitude. Tricia is an inspiring coach with a wealth of knowledge and cultivates a culture that promotes valuable peer to peer learning in addition to the insights that we get directly from her.

Tara Scalise, Director of Process Improvement, Superior Group of Companies

Tricia helps guide you through whatever situations you want help with rather than telling you what to do. That’s productive because she teaches you to ask yourself the tough questions and be honest with yourself. You can carry this approach with you once you complete the coaching relationship.

Erika Hebert, Director, Learning & Development, Savills

Tricia is a skilled coach that approaches each session from a heart-centered place that helps build trust quickly. The value I received from working with her will help me throughout the rest of my career and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Linda Rendleman, VP, Microsoft

My experience with Tricia and White Cap Coaching has been revolutionary for my leadership. Tricia has a unique ability to synthesize and help reframe complex and intertwining issues that results in being able to build an actionable plan. With Tricia’s guidance, I quickly move from a lack of clarity on how I want to handle a situation to an “I’ve got this” frame of mind.

Lariana Forsythe, CEO, CASA (Community Action Stops Abuse)

In every interaction I have with Tricia, whether it be focusing on business or focusing on help for our community, she acts with the highest level of integrity, transparency, collaboration and accountability. Her emotional intelligence and her strategic business vision are extraordinary, and her ability to use the combination of the two in order to get to the heart of what’s needed to building and/or improve current processes or teams is incredibly valuable.

Linda Rendleman, Senior Vice President, Tech Data

Your content was great and I also really enjoyed your book! Leading with heart is definitely a natural tendency for me and it was really inspirational to see another leader who sees this style as a skill to be promoted rather than something to suppress.

Adrienne Visher, Director, Media Operations, Catalina

It was so great to hear you speak yesterday. It just reminded me of all the uplifting and heartfelt conversations you gave us over the years! I loved the message and am really going to do some soul searching. I do want that upper level leadership but really need to think of what it means to me (my bucket list) so thank you so much for the time yesterday!

Rebecca Matthews, Director of Operations, Catalina

Tricia selected the right people to put together in our group coaching circle and created an amazing culture. Tricia really helped me regain my confidence and focus.

Windi Glogowski, Senior Professional-Project Management, DXC Eclipse

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