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“The investments you make in learning keep you feeling personally inspired and enriched in your career and your life.”

– Tricia Manning

Tricia speaks at corporate trainings and retreats on the following topics:

Intentional Leadership

66% of the workforce is not engaged or actively disengaged. Gone are the days when business results only are what defined a leader. Leaders are now graded on employee engagement, retention, succession, customer satisfaction.

Results are table stakes and in this complex, urgent, “always on” world, it will be those leaders who connect with the hearts and minds of their people and rally them toward a common vision for the future that will be successful. Successful leaders do a few things really well: Show up with intention, Engage others with intention and Have heart. Passive leadership doesn’t cut it!

Intentional leaders listen to employees’ needs, show compassion and create shared dreams for the future. Intentional leaders know what employees need to feel fulfilled by cultivating personal human connections.

Learn how you can apply The Intentional Leadership Development Model to create awareness where you are and develop the potential in your people and your organization.

*2018 Pew Research Center analysis

High Potential Leaders

Millennials will fill 75% of all management positions by 2025, yet only 20% of organizations identify the millennial leader segment as critical for development*. To engage, attract, retain and prepare millennials for senior level positions, organizations must offer more than a paycheck.

This group will shape the future landscape in your business so show the investment in their development now.

What are you doing to prepare you high potential millennial employees to LEAD your company?

The High Potential Leadership Series is a “bite size = right size” leadership program providing short lessons with goals and application activities that provide bursts of motivation and accomplishment. Each attendee is engaged in self-discovery and collaboration with peers who are also looking for development that fits into their personal work and life schedules.

*2015 State of Leadership Development Study, Brandon Hall’s Group

Personal Leadership Brand

One of the most requested areas of focus with the majority of my clients is understanding who they are as a leader. The work involved in developing a personal leadership brand is an intentional step in deciding who you will lead others.

Leaders who establish their brand and commit continuously aligning themselves with it are better positioned to success. In this complex world we live in today, understanding your personal leadership brand allows you to come from a position of strength and helps you maximize your effectiveness as a leader.

This program is designed to create an authentic inventory of who you are as a leader. There are several steps that help you reflect on your experiences; understand how you are perceived and capture what makes you unique. Going through the steps, you will have enough information to develop your own Personal Leadership Brand, a critical component to effectively, authentically and confidently lead your team and your organization in this complex and demanding world.

If you are interested in having Tricia educate and entertain your attendees at your next event, contact her at 727-351-2419

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