What is your GREATER?

August 25, 2020

If right now you are making a big decision in your career, you aren’t alone. I know so many people making some kind of change. For some, it has been forced while others are just finding it to be time to move on. Either way, it feels like a season of change…and growth!

I am working with a client right now who is in the fortunate position to decide between two new job opportunities. She describes the options as the difference between “known” and “unknown”. Known because it is a company that she has admired for years and she is still in touch with former colleagues who now work there. Unknown because it is a company whose culture and leadership philosophies she only knows through interview questions and glass door reviews.

Something in her heart and her gut is drawing her toward the unknown. Her head is vying for the known. We have been working on that alignment – head, heart, gut.

What I love is that she is open to exploring what is holding her back from stepping into the unknown and giving her full attention and energy toward that more unfamiliar choice.

When we are faced with a choice - a new direction, a decision point, a crossroads - it is important to consider TWO perspectives =>

  1. What am I fearful of leaving behind?
  2. What am I excited & hopeful I’m moving toward?

We often get caught up in the fear of what we might lose that we actually miss seeing what we stand to gain.

She came to the conclusion...her choice of the unknown could be the risk she takes that allows her to do something greaterWow, something greater! Isn’t that what we all say we want? But do we all know what this means? When faced with a crossroad, are you clear on where you are headed?

If you don’t have a vision of "greater" for yourself then you will never get your head, heart & gut to align. This limits the energy you have to fully commit to the choice you make.

What is your greater?

For most who take the time to answer this question, they learn that it isn’t always more money, or a bigger title, team or office.

Re-frame what “greater” means to you.

Greater is that thing that allows you to live out your purpose. Greater is possibility. Greater is what you do effortlessly. Greater is what gives you energy. Greater is what allows you to be your best self in your career and your life 💜

What is your greater?

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